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Comstock Ranch

Status: Sold


Val Verde County, Comstock, TX 78837

Stunning terrain varies from gentle rolling hills to large dramatic canyons and season creek drainages that provide excellent habitat for whitetail deer, Aoudad, turkey, quail, dove and more. Infrastructure is suited for hunting and cattle,

WILDLIFE: Whitetail deer, Aoudad, turkey, quail, dove, and more.

MINERALS: Please contact Broker for information regarding minerals.

TAXES: Ag Exempt.

LOCATION: This ranch is approximately 50 miles north of Del Rio.

AIRPORT:  Del Rio International Airport (KDRT) is located 2 miles northwest of Del Rio and has a 6300 foot runway.

NOTE: Texas law requires all real estate licensees to give the following Information About Brokerage Services:

All properties are shown by appointment with Dullnig Ranches. Buyer’s Brokers must be identified on first contact and must accompany client or customer on first showing to participate in compensation.

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