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Explore South Texas


5,000 Acres Leona River Ranch

Frio County
5,000 Acres Leona River RanchSouth TexasFrio County16500000

8,996 Acres G.K. Paloma Ranch

Maverick County
8,996 Acres G.K. Paloma RanchSouth TexasMaverick County16500000

3,093 Acres M.H. Wheeler Ranch

McMullen County
3,093 Acres M.H. Wheeler RanchSouth TexasMcMullen County9995000

5,820 Acres Dos Arroyos Ranch

Maverick County
5,820 Acres Dos Arroyos RanchSouth TexasMaverick County8584500

1,627 Acres Rancho Bendecido

Dimmit County
1,627 Acres Rancho BendecidoSouth TexasDimmit County, Zavala County7200000

837 Acres Driftwood Ranch

Live Oak County
837 Acres Driftwood RanchSouth TexasLive Oak County6300000

2,158 Acres Famous El Tecomate Ranch

Starr County
2,158 Acres Famous El Tecomate RanchSouth TexasStarr County6192800

1,713 Acres Palo Blanco Ranch

Maverick County
1,713 Acres Palo Blanco RanchSouth TexasMaverick County3931335

406 Acres Driftwood Ranch

Live Oak County
406 Acres Driftwood RanchSouth TexasLive Oak County3654000

1,176 Acres Perdido Creek Ranch

Kinney County
1,176 Acres Perdido Creek RanchSouth TexasKinney County3522120

431 Acres Driftwood Ranch

Live Oak County
431 Acres Driftwood RanchSouth TexasLive Oak County3200000

480 Acres Double T Ranch

Dimmit County
480 Acres Double T RanchSouth TexasDimmit County, La Salle County2750000

1,050 Acres Le River Ranch

Maverick County
1,050 Acres Le River RanchSouth TexasMaverick County2500000

740 Acres North Wheeler Ranch

McMullen County
740 Acres North Wheeler RanchSouth TexasMcMullen County2500000

1,259 Acres Pendencia West Ranch

Dimmit County
1,259 Acres Pendencia West RanchSouth TexasDimmit County2499000

295 Acres Coleman Farm

Uvalde County
295 Acres Coleman FarmSouth TexasUvalde County2300000

159 Acres Metate Creek Ranch

Atascosa County
159 Acres Metate Creek RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasAtascosa County2300000

375 Acres La Pryor Farm

Zavala County
375 Acres La Pryor FarmSouth TexasZavala County1599000

630 Acres Myers South Ranch

Dimmit County
630 Acres Myers South RanchSouth TexasDimmit County1495000

314 Acres Tuma Beefmaster Ranch

Jim Wells County
314 Acres Tuma Beefmaster RanchSouth TexasJim Wells County1040800

282 Acres Cattle & Hunting Ranch

Dimmit County
282 Acres Cattle & Hunting RanchSouth TexasDimmit County800000

30 Acres Poquito Ranch

Frio County
30 Acres Poquito RanchSouth TexasFrio County180000

10.5 Acres Grove Ranch Estates

Jim Wells County
10.5 Acres Grove Ranch EstatesSouth TexasJim Wells County85000

Maverick Co. Paloma Ranch

Maverick County
Maverick Co. Paloma RanchSouth TexasMaverick County26794600

9,252 Acres Herbert M. Oppenheimer Ranch

Frio County
9,252 Acres Herbert M. Oppenheimer RanchSouth TexasFrio County25500000

7,300 Acres El Mirador Ranch

Zavala County
7,300 Acres El Mirador RanchSouth TexasZavala County25000000

Encino Ranch

McMullen County
Encino RanchSouth TexasMcMullen County25000000

9,382 Acres Salarita Ranch

Duval County
9,382 Acres Salarita RanchSouth TexasDuval County, Live Oak County21750000

Double Dime Ranch

Maverick County
Double Dime RanchSouth TexasMaverick County, Zavala County20770000

7,900 Acres Lone Wolf Turkey Creek Ranch

Zavala County
7,900 Acres Lone Wolf Turkey Creek RanchSouth TexasZavala County17770500

6,963 Acres Nueces Ranch

La Salle County
6,963 Acres Nueces RanchSouth TexasLa Salle County, McMullen County16000000

3,150 Acres Hideaway Ranch

Frio County
3,150 Acres Hideaway RanchSouth TexasFrio County, Zavala County15750000

Paloma West Ranch

Dimmit County
Paloma West RanchSouth TexasDimmit County13500000

3,972 Acres Rocky Lake Ranch

Dimmit County
3,972 Acres Rocky Lake RanchSouth TexasDimmit County, Zavala County12500000

Juanita Creek Ranch

Duval County
Juanita Creek RanchSouth TexasDuval County, La Salle County, McMullen County12000000

1,578 Acres Kyote Ranch

Atascosa County
1,578 Acres Kyote RanchSouth TexasAtascosa County11995000

Double Dime South Ranch

Maverick County
Double Dime South RanchSouth TexasMaverick County, Zavala County11500000

3,865 Acres Cattle and Recreation

Bee County
3,865 Acres Cattle and RecreationSouth TexasBee County11401800

Comstock Ranch

Val Verde County
Comstock RanchSouth TexasVal Verde County10367700

Double Dime North Ranch

Maverick County
Double Dime North RanchSouth TexasMaverick County, Zavala County10296000

North Turkey Creek Ranch

Zavala County
North Turkey Creek RanchSouth TexasZavala County10098000

23,500 Acres High Lonesome Ranch

Val Verde County
23,500 Acres High Lonesome RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasVal Verde County9282500

2,002 Acres C4 RANCH

Frio County
2,002 Acres C4 RANCHSouth TexasFrio County8994999

1787 Acres Spring Creek Ranch

Bee County
1787 Acres Spring Creek RanchCoastal Prairie, South TexasBee County8800000

3,840 Acres Soledad Creek Ranch

Duval County
3,840 Acres Soledad Creek RanchSouth TexasDuval County8252159

La Corona Ranch

Dimmit County
La Corona RanchSouth TexasDimmit County, La Salle County8250000

4,989 Acres San Carlos Ranch

Webb County
4,989 Acres San Carlos RanchSouth TexasWebb County8231850

1,903 Acres Newsom Ranch

Frio County
1,903 Acres Newsom RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasFrio County7510920

2,400 Acres La Corona Ranch

Dimmit County
2,400 Acres La Corona RanchSouth TexasDimmit County7276740

2,519 Acres South Texas Hunting

Zavala County
2,519 Acres South Texas HuntingSouth TexasZavala County7180000

1,472 Acres Frio River Ranch

Frio County
1,472 Acres Frio River RanchSouth TexasFrio County6995000

2,355 Acres Goofy Lake Ranch

Maverick County
2,355 Acres Goofy Lake RanchSouth TexasMaverick County6947250

2,976 Ac. La Garita Ranch

Webb County
2,976 Ac. La Garita RanchSouth TexasWebb County6696000

Santa Margarita Ranch

La Salle County
Santa Margarita RanchSouth TexasLa Salle County6500000

1,739 Acres Roof River Ranch

Uvalde County
1,739 Acres Roof River RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County5999550

1920 AC. La Codorniz Ranch

Bee County
1920 AC. La Codorniz RanchSouth TexasBee County5952000

3,100 Acres San Jose Creek Ranch

McMullen County
3,100 Acres San Jose Creek RanchSouth TexasMcMullen County5850000

2,254 Acres Dinner Creek Ranch

Uvalde County
2,254 Acres Dinner Creek RanchSouth TexasUvalde County, Zavala County5623730

San Ambrosia Creek

Maverick County
San Ambrosia CreekSouth TexasMaverick County5475000

985 Acres C4 Ranch East

Frio County
985 Acres C4 Ranch EastSouth TexasFrio County5319000

Elm Creek Ranch

Frio County
Elm Creek RanchSouth TexasFrio County5200000

3,000 Acres El Tesoro Ranch

Maverick County
3,000 Acres El Tesoro RanchSouth TexasMaverick County4950000

T9E Ranch

Frio County
T9E RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasFrio County4950000

2,894 Acres Little Indian Creek Ranch

Uvalde County
2,894 Acres Little Indian Creek RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County4950000

616 Acres Gorman Farm

Uvalde County
616 Acres Gorman FarmSouth TexasUvalde County4950000

890 Acres Metate Creek Ranch

Atascosa County
890 Acres Metate Creek RanchSouth TexasAtascosa County4895000

1, 017 Acres – C4 Ranch West

Frio County
1, 017 Acres – C4 Ranch WestSouth TexasFrio County4881740

Salt Creek Ranch

Dimmit County
Salt Creek RanchSouth TexasDimmit County4800000

Black Hill Ranch

Zavala County
Black Hill RanchSouth TexasZavala County4495420

Kelly Ranch

Uvalde County
Kelly RanchSouth TexasUvalde County4400000

594 Acres Hollow Creek Ranch

Bee County
594 Acres Hollow Creek RanchCoastal Prairie, South TexasBee County4300000

Mula Creek Ranch

Maverick County
Mula Creek RanchSouth TexasMaverick County4295000

3,057 Acres Barrocitos Ranch

Zapata County
3,057 Acres Barrocitos RanchSouth TexasZapata County4265000

4,571 Acres Arroyo Blanco Ranch

Zapata County
4,571 Acres Arroyo Blanco RanchSouth TexasZapata County4250000

Vara Ranch

Uvalde County
Vara RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County4200000

1,085 Acres Johnson Farm

Frio County
1,085 Acres Johnson FarmCentral-Hill Country, South TexasFrio County4177250

2,200 Acres Lonesome Dove Ranch

Maverick County
2,200 Acres Lonesome Dove RanchSouth TexasMaverick County4049850

594 Ac. Irrigated Farm

Atascosa County
594 Ac. Irrigated FarmCentral-Hill Country, South TexasAtascosa County3995000

Lagarto Valley Ranch

Duval County
Lagarto Valley RanchSouth TexasDuval County, Jim Wells County, Live Oak County3984300

Texas La Copa Ranch

Duval County
Texas La Copa RanchSouth TexasDuval County3830400

1,332 Acres Frozen Acres Ranch

McMullen County
1,332 Acres Frozen Acres RanchSouth TexasMcMullen County3750000

1,385 Acres Turkey Creek Ranch

Uvalde County
1,385 Acres Turkey Creek RanchSouth TexasUvalde County3750000

780 Acres Chi Ranch

Zavala County
780 Acres Chi RanchSouth TexasZavala County3695000

Atascosa River Ranch

Live Oak County
Atascosa River RanchSouth TexasLive Oak County3694500

1,050 Acres – JJJ Ranch

Webb County
1,050 Acres – JJJ RanchSouth TexasWebb County3675000

Big Lozier Canyon Ranch

Terrell County
Big Lozier Canyon RanchSouth Texas, West TexasTerrell County3675000

6,642 Acres Boaz Ranch

Val Verde County
6,642 Acres Boaz RanchSouth Texas, West TexasVal Verde County3653100

440 Acres Leona Vista Ranch

Frio County
440 Acres Leona Vista RanchSouth TexasFrio County3595000

1,225 Acres Holliday Ranch

Dimmit County
1,225 Acres Holliday RanchSouth TexasDimmit County3521880

1,029 Acres Nueces River Ranch

Uvalde County
1,029 Acres Nueces River RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County3500000

Braden Farm

Uvalde County
Braden FarmCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County3400000

930 Acres Rancheros Cazadores

Duval County
930 Acres Rancheros CazadoresSouth TexasDuval County3200000

2,450 Acres Jaral Creek Ranch

Webb County
2,450 Acres Jaral Creek RanchSouth TexasWebb County, Zapata County3062504

1,082 Acres Cobb Ranch

Zavala County
1,082 Acres Cobb RanchSouth TexasZavala County2975000

Rock ‘N S Ranch

Live Oak County
Rock ‘N S RanchSouth TexasLive Oak County2887500

1,196 Acres Long Shot Ranch

Duval County
1,196 Acres Long Shot RanchSouth TexasDuval County2864430

Tri-County Ranch

Jackson County
Tri-County RanchCoastal Prairie, South TexasJackson County, Lavaca County, Victoria County2860600

Dos Amigos Ranch

Duval County
Dos Amigos RanchSouth TexasDuval County2750000

Cuchara Creek Ranch

Webb County
Cuchara Creek RanchSouth TexasWebb County2700000

Twin Lakes Ranch

Zapata County
Twin Lakes RanchSouth TexasZapata County2689550

Laguna Linda Ranch

Frio County
Laguna Linda RanchSouth TexasFrio County2500000

598 Acres Rancho El Capricho

Starr County
598 Acres Rancho El CaprichoSouth TexasStarr County2500000

702 Acres Buckhorn Creek Ranch

Frio County
702 Acres Buckhorn Creek RanchSouth TexasFrio County2457000

755 Acres Stridde Ranch

McMullen County
755 Acres Stridde RanchSouth TexasMcMullen County2261220

823 Dos Lagunas Ranch

Dimmit County
823 Dos Lagunas RanchSouth TexasDimmit County2184500

Crandall Ranch

Duval County
Crandall RanchSouth TexasDuval County2057550

282 Acres Rancho Rio Lindo

Uvalde County
282 Acres Rancho Rio LindoCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County1995000

722 Acres New-B Ranch

Zavala County
722 Acres New-B RanchSouth TexasZavala County1945740

Dos Amigos Ranch

Duval County
Dos Amigos RanchSouth TexasDuval County1790000

509 Acres McCoy Ranch

Atascosa County
509 Acres McCoy RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasAtascosa County1781500

396 Acres East Elm Creek Ranch

Kinney County
396 Acres East Elm Creek RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasKinney County1675000

458 Acres No Mas Ranch

Bee County
458 Acres No Mas RanchCoastal Prairie, South TexasBee County1648800

980 Acres Myers Llano Ranch

Dimmit County
980 Acres Myers Llano RanchSouth TexasDimmit County1617000

570 Acres Pueblo Pasture Ranch

Dimmit County
570 Acres Pueblo Pasture RanchSouth TexasDimmit County1595359

Bynum Ranch

Atascosa County
Bynum RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasAtascosa County, Wilson County1535250

652 Acres Lonesome Doe Ranch

Duval County
652 Acres Lonesome Doe RanchSouth TexasDuval County1532200

Big Oak Ranch, Beeville

Bee County
Big Oak Ranch, BeevilleSouth TexasBee County1495000

399 Acres Keystone Ranch

Frio County
399 Acres Keystone RanchSouth TexasFrio County1476300

325 Acres Circle 8 Ranch

Frio County
325 Acres Circle 8 RanchSouth TexasFrio County1450000

532.5 Acres Roof Ranch

Uvalde County
532.5 Acres Roof RanchSouth TexasUvalde County1437750

Sand Hills Ranch

Zavala County
Sand Hills RanchSouth TexasZavala County1432410

500 Acre Crooked Mesquite Ranch

Duval County
500 Acre Crooked Mesquite RanchSouth TexasDuval County1425000

430 Acres Margarita Lake Ranch

Webb County
430 Acres Margarita Lake RanchSouth TexasWebb County1397500

105 Acres Lago Ranch

Uvalde County
105 Acres Lago RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County1395000

Seco Creek Ranch

Medina County
Seco Creek RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasMedina County1370650

Sandy Creek Ranch

McMullen County
Sandy Creek RanchSouth TexasMcMullen County1338180

Legacy-5 Ranch

Medina County
Legacy-5 RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasMedina County1309000

213 Acres Nueces River Ranch

Uvalde County
213 Acres Nueces River RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County1278000

572 Ac. La Madera Dura Ranch

Duval County
572 Ac. La Madera Dura RanchSouth TexasDuval County1259680

Medina County Ranch

Medina County
Medina County RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasMedina County1250000

246 Acres Atascosa River Ranch

Atascosa County
246 Acres Atascosa River RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasAtascosa County1228770

636 Acres Black Brush Ranch

Dimmit County
636 Acres Black Brush RanchSouth TexasDimmit County1144800

350 Acres Getaway Ranch

Zavala County
350 Acres Getaway RanchSouth TexasZavala County1137500

French Creek Ranch

Uvalde County
French Creek RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County1125000

Borrego Creek Ranch

Atascosa County
Borrego Creek RanchSouth TexasAtascosa County1120000

Gran Acres Ranch

Dimmit County
Gran Acres RanchSouth TexasDimmit County1062650

Dos Zopilotes Ranch

Zavala County
Dos Zopilotes RanchSouth TexasZavala County995000

280 Acres Campo de Zavala

Zavala County
280 Acres Campo de ZavalaSouth TexasZavala County995000

West Clear Creek Ranch

Atascosa County
West Clear Creek RanchSouth TexasAtascosa County952000

407 Acres North Rocking B Ranch

Kinney County
407 Acres North Rocking B RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasKinney County950000

222 Acres Gun N’ Feather Ranch

Atascosa County
222 Acres Gun N’ Feather RanchSouth TexasAtascosa County910000

200 Acres Scattered Oak Ranch

Bee County
200 Acres Scattered Oak RanchCoastal Prairie, South TexasBee County900000

Buck Creek Ranch

Frio County
Buck Creek RanchSouth TexasFrio County892500

52 Acres – Kenedy County

Kenedy County
52 Acres – Kenedy CountySouth TexasKenedy County875000

308 Acres Papalote Viejo Ranch

Duval County
308 Acres Papalote Viejo RanchSouth TexasDuval County850000

170 Acres Ford Ranch

Wilson County
170 Acres Ford RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasWilson County829000

Kone Farm

Zavala County
Kone FarmSouth TexasZavala County734160

81 Acres George West Ranch

Live Oak County
81 Acres George West RanchSouth TexasLive Oak County600000

96 Acres Chocolate Creek Ranch

Atascosa County
96 Acres Chocolate Creek RanchSouth TexasAtascosa County, Live Oak County595000

Bigfoot Ranch

Frio County
Bigfoot RanchSouth TexasFrio County562400

235 Acres Tinajo Draw Ranch

Uvalde County
235 Acres Tinajo Draw RanchSouth TexasUvalde County534625

10 Acres Rough Diamond Ranch

Uvalde County
10 Acres Rough Diamond RanchCentral-Hill Country, South TexasUvalde County525000

239 Acres Toro Ranch

Duval County
239 Acres Toro RanchSouth TexasDuval County454100

60 Acres County-Line Ranch

La Salle County
60 Acres County-Line RanchSouth TexasLa Salle County395000

80 Acres Cattle & Hunting

Live Oak County
80 Acres Cattle & HuntingSouth TexasLive Oak County340000

165 Acres San Jose Ranch

Duval County
165 Acres San Jose RanchSouth TexasDuval County297000

Tilden Hunting Ranch

McMullen County
Tilden Hunting RanchSouth TexasMcMullen County279825

130 Acres Toro Ranch

Duval County
130 Acres Toro RanchSouth TexasDuval County253500

40 Acres Recreation & Residential Ranch

Live Oak County
40 Acres Recreation & Residential RanchSouth TexasLive Oak County159800

26 Acres George West

Live Oak County
26 Acres George WestSouth TexasLive Oak County99999