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280 Acres Campo de Zavala

Status: Sold

280± Acres CAMPO de ZAVALA, Zavala County

FM 1668, Crystal City TX, 78839

Description: If you are looking for a turn-key hunting or entertainment property, look no further! This property is set up and ready to go with everything from nice lodging, great water and enhanced wildlife. The ranch lies in the famed “Golden Triangle” which is well known for growing trophy whitetail deer.

Improvements: This high fence property has it all! The headquarters are enclosed by 2± acres of high fence and consist of a nice hacienda style three bedroom, one bathroom house, barn and pole barn. A serene pond and gazebo are also located within the headquarters and are great for entertaining guests near the house. A good set of cattle pens are located near the southwest corner of the property that are aged but still in good condition.

Water: One of the highlights of the property is it’s abundance of water. Surface water is plentiful and consists of 6 ponds with the largest being nearly 3.5± acres when full and stocked with bass and catfish. A wet weather tributary of Turkey Creek also runs the northwest corner of the property for 1900± feet that holds water for most of the year. A second highlight is an irrigation well located within the compound that feeds the improvements, house pond, and nearby tank. It produces an abundance of water that spills over to a second smaller pond. A old water line runs from the irrigation well to the largest tank as well but is not currently in use and needs to be reworked.

Vegetation and Terrain: The terrain is gently rolling with the lowest point being the nutrient rich low country along the creek bed on the northwest side of the property. The ranch has a good combination of common south Texas brush such as Guayacan, Blackbrush, Tasajillo, Huisache, etc. Areas of once irrigated farmland have also been let go to create some mesquite regrowth and cover for wildlife.

Wildlife: The property is truly an outdoorsman’s paradise! For starters, the native whitetail herd has been highly enhanced with both does as well as breeder bucks to kick start the genetic makeup. Exotic species have also been released on the ranch including blackbuck, axis, addax and European wild boar.

Taxes: Wildlife Exemption

Location: The property is 9± miles NW of Crystal City, 20± miles NW of Carrizo Springs, 48± miles SW of Uvalde, 125± miles SW of San Antonio, and 319± miles SW of Houston.

Minerals: Negotiable

Note: Texas law requires all real estate licensees to give the following Information About Brokerage Services:

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