8,996 Acres G.K. Paloma Ranch

Status: Available for Sale

8,996± Acres G. K. Paloma Ranch
Off FM 481, Maverick County, Eagle Pass, Texas 78852

Situated in the wild Nueces Strip amongst other large ranches, this area, known as the Golden Triangle, offers the best low fence Whitetail hunting in the state of Texas. The G. K. Paloma Ranch has been owned and operated by the same family since the 1940s.  Acquired by the current owners Great, Great Uncle Hal Mangum as a commission for selling the Farias Ranch for Sullivan Bank of San Antonio.  Hal Mangum was one of the great cattle barons of Texas and Mexico.    This historic ranch offers a truly wild and natural hunting environment.  Large lakes, rolling terrain and excellent brush add to its uniqueness.

Improvements:  This property is light in infrastructure improvements having only 3 manufactured homes and a large metal barn with concrete floor.  Two 5000-gallon water storage tanks and water treatment shed with two water softener systems are also present at the Headquarters.  Three sides of the perimeter are low fenced, totaling 10.5± miles of low fenced, large neighboring ranches. The 4th, which is the east side, has 5± miles of high game fence. The property has 10± miles of low fence cross fencing that is fairly recent. The property has a good road system throughout.

Water:  The ranch has 11 Lakes and 2 smaller ponds. The lakes range in size from ½ acre to 6 acres.   There are two named seasonal creeks that provide major runoff through the ranch.  Both Mustang and Salado Creek provide good drainages for possible future lake sites.  Along with these 2 creeks, there are fingers of Elm Creek traversing the property as well.  Water for the Headquarters is hauled in and held in two underground 5000 gallon storage tanks.

Wildlife: With a proven history of producing ‘Monster Bucks’, this ranch offers some of the best free range, low fence hunting the state has to offer. Several 170s are harvested each year.  The ranch record scoring 199 B/C was found dead a few years ago.  Land management over the years combined with superior genetics, offers multiple Boone & Crockett bucks yearly. Not only is this area superb for whitetail deer, but other game thrive with this truly uninhabited environment. Both Bobwhite and Blue Quail are plentiful and huntable in some areas that were selectively cleared years ago. With brush management quail friendly areas can be developed. Dove and duck hunting on the lakes is really good. Wildlife found on this ground include whitetail, turkey, javelina, quail, dove and varmints.

Vegetation-Terrain:  This property has all the necessary browse to grow large trophy bucks, and to hold a high carrying capacity.  Brush diversity is excellent and over time has proven to produce monster whitetail deer. Brush species include: Black Brush White Brush, guayacon, granjeno, persimmon, guajillo, tasajillo, prickley pear and many more.  Mesquite trees are present throughout with both Elm and Hackberry trees lining the creek bottoms.  The ranch offers gently rolling terrain with 100 feet elevation change for 817-917 feet ASL, offering long range views.  Over the years the owner mechanically brush managed the ranch primarily for grassy areas ideal for quail habitat. Approximately 1,600 acres has been selectively cleared and planted in native seed.

Minerals:  Surface sale only.  One active well.

Taxes:  $12,681 (2022).

Location:  The ranch is 15± miles northeast of Eagle Pass, 32± miles west of La Pryor, 45± miles southwest of Uvalde, and 125± miles west of San Antonio, TX.  The property is located 3.3± miles north of FM 481 via an all-weather easement road.

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