7,900 Acres Lone Wolf Turkey Creek Ranch

Status: Sold

7,900± Acres LONE WOLF TURKEY CREEK RANCH, Zavala County

F.M. 481 and Hwy. 57,  La Pryor, Texas 78872

In today’s South Texas market, it is not often that you have an opportunity to purchases an unspoiled ranch of this size. Tucked away amongst other large ranches, this free-ranging ranch has a truly wild feel, yet is only 17± miles from the town of Uvalde. Ranches of this size are rarely for sale in this area, especially ones with such unique and impressive natural features. This wide open raw canvas has 10± miles of named creeks traversing it, highlighted by nearly year-around Turkey Creek. Excellent diverse soils, natural virgin brush and large oak trees round out these rare natural features. Strong subsurface water, minerals, and a potential tax incentive “Opportunity Zone” location provide additional attractions. This Lone Wolf Ranch has unlimited potential, allowing its Buyer an opportunity to add the finishing touches.

Improvements: This raw land is ready for improvements of your own choice. Existing are two small farm houses and one hunting cabin, none of which have much contributory value. The hunting cabin has been used recently and would provide adequate lodging with a little work. There is a nice barn with an historic set of mesquite cattle pens. There is a more recent set of cattle pens in the middle of the ranch. Perimeter fencing consists of 9.82± miles of high fence, with the remaining fence being 5.84± miles of low -5-strand barb wire. Cross fences are in average to poor condition.

Water: This ranch has three major creek drainages highlighted by 4± miles of nearly year around Turkey Creek. Turkey Creek has been flowing September through May and continues to flow currently. Large Oak trees, Hackberry and Cedar Elm trees line Turkey Creek. Seasonal Maverick Creek traverses the southwest part of the ranch for 2.5± miles and seasonal Windmill Creek traverses the east portion for 3± miles. Both Maverick and Windmill Creeks provide runoff to the multiple tanks and could potentially support more tanks, or larger tanks. There are currently 5 tanks on the ranch. The ranch has 4 water wells currently serving the headquarters, cattle pens and 7 water troughs. A test hole was drilled in the middle of the ranch in March, 2019. The test hole was drilled to 500± feet and was estimated to produce 150 GPM. It is believed that the southern half of the ranch is over the Carrizo Aquifer.

Wildlife: This is a truly wild ranch located in the heart of the ‘Big Deer Country’. In this day, it is rare to find a ranch that has not been hunted for 24 years. This gives a Buyer the choice to create and establish a deer herd exactly the way he prefers. This low fence, free ranging ranch has tremendous genetics, but is in need of management. This ranch is surrounded by larger ranches that have produced native Whitetail Deer in the 190+ category. With all of the necessary brush and soils, this place has the ability to grow monster deer in no time. Turkey are everywhere due to the amount of roosting trees along the creeks. Quail are abundant during good rain years. There is an area of this ranch that has rare sandy soils which are known for some of the best natural quail habitat. Dove and duck hunting are often good on the ponds. Wildlife includes Whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove, duck, hogs, javelin and varmints.

Vegetation/Soils: This ranch has all the necessary brush to grow very large native whitetail deer. The majority of the ranch consists of native diverse brush. Large Mesquite trees are scattered through the virgin brush. Grand trees such as Hackberry, Elm and Live Oak Trees line the banks of Turkey Creek. Brush species include: Black brush, Guajillo, Granjeno, Guayacon, White Brush, Persimmon, Prickley pear, Tasajillo and many more.

Similar to the brush, the soils found on this ranch are very diverse. Some of the notable big deer biologists say that where the brush meets the sand is where you have your largest deer in the state. This applies to this ranch. There is the perfect mix of sands and clays that interlace. Tonio soils are slightly saline and are great tight sandy soil. The Chacon clay shows salinity and is found to be super fertile. The Uvalde clay doesn’t have any salinity and is great brush soil. The Uvalde clay is wonderfully interlaced with the Tonio sands and has Turkey Creek running through it which adds another diverse habitat. The Antosa deep sand adds incredible soil diversity to the ranch which is great for Quail. This area looks like sandy mott country you would find further south.

Minerals: Negotiable. 

Location: This property is located 7± miles northwest of La Pryor, 17± miles southwest of Uvalde and 107± miles southwest of San Antonio. The property has two access points, one from FM 481, and the southern part of the ranch adjoins Hwy. 57. For travel, Garner Field Airport (KUVA) is located 3 miles east of Uvalde and has a 5256 foot runway.

Taxes:$15,855.89 (2018)Ag Exempt.

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