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Twin Mountain Ranch

Status: Sold

824± Acres – Twin Mountain Ranch, Lampasas County

CR 2200, Lampasas, Texas 76550

The 2,450 Acre Twin Mountain Ranch is offered in a 603 Acre Parcel, a 1,011 Acre parcel, and and an 824 Acre parcel – Detailed map available, contact broker for additional details.

Ranch Description and History:

Twin Mountains Ranch, in Lampasas Texas is a sizable 2,450 Acre Hill Country offering with incredible views, live water, impressive topography, and outstanding wildlife, located just 70 miles from Austin. The ranch has been in the same family for decades, and is part of the historic Gist legacy, a family steeped in Texas ranching history and is now offered for sale. This is one of the most well-rounded properties in the area, with just about everything one could ask for. The views are breathtaking from the Twin Mountains and many other hilltops, soils are strong, School Creek and Buck Hollow Creek provide live-water, structural improvements and horse/cattle infrastructure are well built, lots of road frontage and great access among many other strengths make Twin Mountains a magnificent Hill Country offering. 

Improvements: Improvements include a Large Barn with Modern Apartment: full bath and full kitchen, AC and heated via propane fuel, with large closet and open room for living, dining and sleeping. Storeroom: Large heated and cooled store room. Freestanding apartment located within the insulated barn structure with storage loft above apartment. Insulated garage door at east end of storage room, walk-through door next to garage door. Concrete pad and loading dock for small trucks and trailers. Headquarters has a 3 bedroom/2 bath Foremans residence, fireplace with blower, central heating and cooling and carport with storage room. Maintenance barn with tack room and work bench. Barns and sheds: Portable tack room wired and vented 20x8x8 cargo container. Pens and corral: Durable and safe pipe working pens and corral suitable for cattle as well as horses. Pens are covered and have squeeze chute. Surfaces are horse-friendly and corners and edges are rounded for horse safety. A hay shed, and a steel horse barn are on opposite sides of pens; Heavy gauge steel walls are constructed of heavy gauge steel sheets to protect structure from kicking; Each stall is equipped with custom water troughs. Each trough is drainable during extreme winter conditions. Arena Barn is 12,000± sq. feet metal building. 2 bay enclosed shops 1400± sq.feet. have insulated commercial garage doors. Multiple RV sewer locations. RV outlet box. 220 outlets for welding and heavy equipment.

Miles of seashell roads make much of the ranch easily accessible. There is an incredible concrete crossing built across School Creek that backs up a significant amount of water providing an outstanding water feature. There is also a 7,000± ft concrete slab, with an incredibly unique finished out garage apartment on the top of a large hill that would be one of the most impressive build sites anywhere around.

Water: 3120 feet of both sides of live-water School Creek and 3495 feet of both sides of Buck Hollow Creek are located on the North side of the property. There are 5 functioning water wells and a couple of older water wells that are not currently used. There is a picturesque 4 +/- Acre Lake and 5 stock tanks that provide additional surface water.

Wildlife: Wildlife is abundant, including whitetail, turkey, hogs, dove, waterfowl, and quail. It is common to see several deer driving the property and the ranch has been very lightly hunted.

Habitat and Terrain: Twin Mountains is one of the most diverse ranches in the area with topography ranging from 1160 feet to 1516 feet at the summit of the Southern Twin Mountain. Views in several areas are breathtaking and the diversity of habitat is truly incredible, with big topographical features, hardwood bottoms, live water creeks, rolling pastures, and beautiful oak motts. Tree cover is comprised of various hardwoods including various Oaks, Elms, Pecan, Mesquite and many more with some areas left native and others with extensive cedar clearing.

Access and Proximity: The ranch has approximately 2 miles of paved frontage on County Rd 2200, over 1/2 mile paved frontage on CR 2275 and over 4200± ft of frontage on CR 43. Austin is 70± miles, San Antonio is 2± hours, Waco is 99 miles, Ft. Worth is a little over 2± hours and Lampasas is 9± miles.

Airport: Lampasas Airport (KLZZ) is located 3 miles north of Lampasas and has a 4202 foot runway.

Taxes: Ag Exempt

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